“You Make It Real” Painting

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May 292016

You Make it Real Book Illustration

One evening I was in a creative mood whilst listening to Jamie Lawson’s music which stirred me to create this dreamy and romantic painting.

It is about a couple who started falling for one another but are scared to admit to their own emotion. The pair are treading cautiously with each step of the way. However, after being apart for what seems like years they reunite spontaneously on a beautiful, sunny evening and this breath-taking moment was captured revealing the true nature of their relationship.

The cool colours of blues and purples against the vibrant colours of yellows and oranges portrays mixed emotions which could be their own insecurities holding them back from pursuing what could be something meaningful.

The mysterious man’s silhouette is lifting the woman with bliss. Her face displaying sheer happiness of glee.  Sometimes as we all know – life isn’t that simple on the inside. Our experiences makes us all unique in our own persona and judging from an outsider viewpoint can give a completely different perspective to reality.

Seeking, soulful green eyes
Auburn hair halo'ed by 
the crepuscular rays

She feels the radiance of his life form
as strong arms take her  
into never-ending

Endless thoughts of his smile
Her mind forms the thought 
her lips don't utter

You Make It Real For Me”

Sarah Jane